humanized (guardianized?) denizens Picture

something i've been meaning to finish for a while! some human/guardian designs for the denizens of the four beta kid's lands. from left to right: typheus, cetus, hephaestus, and echidna.

these are also the guardians for the four planets-turned-kids in landbound! typheus is luis's (lowas) father, cetus is lora's (lolar) aunt, hephaestus is loch's (lohac) grandfather, and echida is lilo's (lofaf) mother. uvu a lot of the plot points surrounding them are based on greek mythos the denizens are based on in homestuck. (for example, in landbound, typheus and echidna are engaged, since the typhon and echidna are the father and mother of all monsters in greek mythology, and hephaestus is shown to be crippled here, since in legend, he has a lame leg.)

i like echidna best, i think. * v *

homestuck (c) andrew hussie

another note: for anyone following my progress on landbound, good news: i should be able to start the actual fanadventure this summer! WHOO.
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