Hephaestus Study 2 Picture

Well, this is the second full body drawing of my mutated abelisaur-based kaiju named Hephaestus.

I tried to keep his name close to the mythological character as close as possible (he's the forger of the Greek Gods, for those who don't keep up with mythology). Two things pop out the most:
1) He was suppose to be ugly
2) He walked with a limp.

With that in mind, I went on the task of redesigning this guy to fit these descriptions.

The head is similar to the last head design, with several scars and a crazed look. The original's horns have returned with a smaller crest inbetween/behind them.

I tried to give him a humpback, which is also a pulsating tumor/zit thing from Hell. His hands are different, one of them had become a spiked mace/club looking thing. Finally, I gave him a normal looking legs and a elephantine style one (for his limping and deformed look). I also added smaller tumor like legions all over his body and mixed with his normal scales.

I don't really know what to say. What do you think of this design?
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