Megara: She Needs a Gyro Picture

Re-imagined well known heroines of history, fairy tales and fables coming together as a team of superheroes known as "The Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom" Their lives have taken mysterious turns and led some down darker paths that have brought them together to protect their magical land.

The Fifth Installment Megara, tells a tale far after her and Hercules marry. Shortly after their second child, Hera, stricken with anger, plays a foul trick on Hercules that makes him kill his two sons, and almost kill his beloved wife as well. After he's awoken from the spell, Hercules so ashamed by what he's done banishes himself.

Megara then makes a deal with Hades, who grants her the power she will need to not only find Hercules, but to get a little vengeance against Hera for what she had done.

If you'd like to read to full official story of how this vision of Meg came to be you can find it here. [link]
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