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Kore had never dreamed in all her time of living, that she would be entering Hades. She had also never dreamed that she would be entering Hades, forcibly, by the god the place was named after. It certainly was not on her 'to visit' list, and you can imagine how hard she had fought to get away from him.

He was quite the overbearing sort though, and his strength had greatly outmatched hers, though she had managed to get in a few good marks, even if they would fade in a few mere hours.

When the hole in the ground had first opened, she was not exactly sure what she had expected to happen, a part of her had told her that she needed to run, the whole 'flight or fight' instinct, and Kore, being the obstinate little goddess she was, had chosen fight. That had been a huge mistake on her part, and now she was paying for it.

She had not gotten a very good look at her captor when it had all happened, she'd been mainly worried about trying to hurt him, but with him carrying her through Hades, she found herself looking at him from below her lashes, and though she was loathe to admit it, she did find him to be a bit alluring, though his eyes seemed a bit remorseful, almost confused, discontent, angry and sad all at the same time...the thought of why that would be had confused her, so she had merely turned her head and continued to look on through the dark cavern in which they walked, a look of frustration, but not defeat on her face. He did not know what he had gotten himself into, that she knew.

I'll probably rewrite that drabble later to fit better with the picture. Who knows?

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