Beautiful Stranger - Hades 2.0 Picture

KHEHEHEHEHEHEHE, I'm so stoked right now. When I read
I'm just FREAKED because I did this so well, and so frickin' fast. Usually I take my time on stuff like this so I don't mess it up, but instead I did this in one sitting. And by chance I just happened to be listening to "Beautiful Stranger" on my Austin Powers soundtrack, and I realized that the lyrics fit
Hades' situation PERFECTLY, so I left space for that. HEHEHEHEHEHE I'M SO HAPPYYYYYYYY. Especially since I got to try -- and furthermore pulled off -- that great lighting effect with his hair. HEHEHE PRETTY HAIR. I like my inks on the waterfall this time too. Last time it looked like a rain of shit. This time it looks SPARKLEY. Sparkly? I don't know if there's an E in that or not.

ANYWAYS. Even though he didn't mean to, thanks so much to Maui for getting me so amped today that I turned out a delicious piece of art! Here you go Mauis, a GOOD version of that piece of crap "There Are No Tears In Water" I shat out before.

Hades & Andy (c) "Beautiful Stranger" (c) Madonna
Austin Powers (c) Mike Meyers
lineart (c) ME.
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