Detail: Persephone and Hades Picture

This is a detail of Persephone and Hades from my Self portrait. I had wrote a 32 page single space retelling of their story for Mythology class last year (My teacher really liked it : D) and as I was stumped of what else to draw to put on the wall, and after tearing up some attempts I drew this in my sketch book.

Funny thing is my friend drew Persephone that day too and at an art meeting for the game we are working on we showed each other. Her Persephone was very delicate. She commented on my "American" view. >_< I didn't mean her to be slutty, just a strong woman. And I was trying to change the boring Greek garbs to show her controposto without it being a "wet" look....

Sadly, I messed up on her face so I had to stick on a replacement...And it made her not look as pretty as the sketch! D: And then I kept messing up inking!
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