Flowers for Hades 4th cover Picture

Yeah here is #4 to a neverending list of covers for Flowers for Hades.... my precious manga... I love this story so much, its alot of fun. I plan on making it only 5 chapters long, so there will hopefully only be one more cover after this and then I think I will be finished and I will have enough pages to make it into a manga... Each chapter is about 40 or more pages... sigh* My friend threatened my life, if I dared to rush it...but I know that already *pout* Anyway, #4 is being worked on as I speak so I might have it ready for Ohayocon 2007, and I am sure to have the entire thing done by Otakon 2007. I started this story to gain manga writing experiance and it is truly helping. Well anyway, heres 4 please look and enjoy. Comment if you like ^_^.
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