Hades and Persephone Picture

My interpretation of the tragic couple; Hades and Persephone. (tragic in the sense they are the original Beauty and the Beast, and the story has been lost in translation. Make a movie about these guys someone!!!)

I always pictured Persephone with red hair, thanks to the fantastic fan fic, 'Hope Springs Eternal', a Hades and Persephone story based on the characters from the Disney film Hercules. I really didn't change Persephone much from that version, other than make her skin more human (it was gold in that story)

As much as I love the design of Disney's Hades I tried to steer clear of that design but stayed close to the colours of him. I wanted to show Hades wearing his Helmet of Invisibility, taking reference from a Greecian General Helmet with my own little twists. Every version of Hades I've seen or read always show him with flowing black robes and I really wanted to use that here and make it almost like a wing covering Persephone, hugging her to him.

The purple fire behind them is reminicent of the Hope Springs Eternal Fan fic, Persephone's main colour is red, Hades is blue, and together they make purple. The purple fire represents the combination and union of life and death.

See a disney version here; [link]
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