Hades the Unyielding Picture

Hades ( 'the Unseen' ) Lord of the Underworld and the dead who dwell there. Pictured here before the gate of his kingdom (also called Hades) guarded by Cerberus the three-headed hound.
Despite his associations he wasn't an evil diety, just a sombre, dark (and terrifyingly persistant) one.
During the time of his worship people were so afraid of him that they avoided speaking his name and turned their faces away when sacrifices were made to him. Legends say even the other gods feared him and referred to him as 'the unyielding one'.

Also in my gallery Persephone his wife: [link]
And Orpheus, the only one to ever inspire the mercy of Hades, though that didn't work out very happily either.. [link]

Sketch card (2.5 x 3.5 inches) in mixed media for the forthcoming 'Legends & Lore' trading card set by sadlittles.com.
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