Hades and Persephone Picture

Aka fun with folds.

When I first read a version of their story in school, I didn‘t actually realize that Hades kidnapped and raped her. My headcanon is still that Persephone is madly in love with her abductor and her overprotective mommy totally gets on her nerves.
Hades+Persephone=OTP of my youth even though I had no clue what an OTP is at that time.

Today‘s music suggestion: [link] (duh)
Still my favourite album by one of my favourite bands. Or is it Into the Labyrinth? Geez, anyway, you know where I‘m getting at.

I felt like carefully trying to imitate the look of early modern woodcuts. I never really got into inking, but I had very fine Copic Multiners (0,03 and 0,05) lying around, so I used those. It took me ages. But it was fun. I doubt I‘ll do drawings like these too often because they really take forever to do, and I can already see what I should have done better (like, that black sun which didn‘t work out the way I wanted). Nevertheless, I‘m surprisingly happy with the overall result. I think I should get more of those multiliners… (especially because I seem to have killed the 0,03 one).
In addition to having a quick look at some woodcuts, I also used a reference for some crops, that's probably why I like how they turned out.
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