Hades and Persephone Picture

Okay, here's the picture I promised CrystallicSky for her collection based off of her stories. In case you aren't familiar with Greek mythology, the characters are portrayed as Hades and Persephone in her story of the same name. [link]

>>If you are into the CHACK pairing I suggest reading it and the rest of her stories, they're delightfully entertaining.<<

Both Chase Young(Hades) and Jack Spicer(Persephone)* are characters from Xiaolin Showdown.

I was trying out some new techniques and decided to use photography along with my own art. The background picture(pomegranate tree blossoms) that I manipulated IS NOT MINE, I got it from here:


If you think that's cheating, then . . . oh well!
I can't please everyone,and I'd only drive myself crazy trying to do so.

Hope you like it!

*(c) Christy Hui
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