Hades and Persephone Picture

Hades has a sweet tooth too.

Seeing my recent revamp of love for Disney villains, I am now submitting a Hades fan art. I love that villain, he's sexay.

This picture of Hades with his queen, Persephone, is based off ~quantum-witch 's fanfiction, 'Hope Springs Eternal'. It really,really gripped me. Make sure you drop by her amazing gallery and read her fic! It's really worth it.

Persephone's graphics are also based on ~quantum-witch so the credit for the character goes all to her!
I apologize for the plain background and the really crappy smoke but that's all I could think of. and oh, the glow of immortality on both of them. I know it sucks.

Hades is © Disney
Persephone is © ~quantum-witch
image is © me
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