Hades' Teenage Wife Picture

Hey guys, little upset right now, I recently got messages that the site has deleted 7-8 of my deviations, 3 of them being my Hades/Meg pics "Final pic of The Next Morning" both sketch and colored pics, and "Punishment for Meg", mostly they were deleted because of the content, I don't blame them, but I'm still upset. You can still find them on the web, I have them at hentai-foundry.com, my account is my same username here.
So after I got the news that some of my deviations were deleted, I decided to draw to kind of replace the ones that were lost. Some of you guys complained that you are tired of me drawing Hades/Meg alot recently, so here's Greek Mythology's true pairing, Hades/Persephone. Now I do not know the exact age of Persephone, I've read that she's 16, someone told me she's 13, well to put it short she's a teenager. And yes, the song she is singing is Jonas Brothers, I know it makes the joke corny, but hey, "Burnin' Up," + Hades? Corny, yet I thought it works. Oh yeah and I kind of altered Persephone's look, I gave her a more teenage rockin' out type look. Enjoy!
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