Hades Picture

Percy Jackson and the Olympians ~ OM NOM

I basically started and finished that series yesterday afternoon. They're pretty good preteen/young teenage fare (as opposed to Twilight and such). A lot of times I found myself going "D'oh" and "Suspension of Disbelief" and "LAWL." "I had become one with the plumbing" is only one of the numerous unintended gems in there...but believe me, it's quite decent overall. Instead of sympathizing completely with the main characters, I often found myself thinking, "Aww...that's cute/adorable."

Which means I am OLD.

Anyway...this was sort of what one of the final scenes in the last book inspired me to do. Hades's Helm of Darkness got an interesting description. Unfortunately, I failed to make the helm that translucent or shifty-looking...um...wrong adjective, but yeah.

Also, no, I didn't really think Hades would look like that, but his armor (the bit I wasn't too lazy to sketch) was fun.

Face reference: random Jeremy Dufour pic
Time: 3+ hours with touch-ups
Method: B&W on PaintTool SAI, colors added on PS2
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