Goddess of Spring. Picture

Just a little sneak peak as the next bit of the series. I know. I suck at the DN style. But still.

Hatsuyo is Persephone, goddess of spring, and yes, she appears for a second in the movie and they had two episodes planned for her in the animated series that never got shown.

It's a preview because I need to draw Mion\Hera.

Why? Think of Light and L as Zeus and Hades. Whilst in real Greek mythology Perse is the daughter of Zeus and Zeus' sister Demeter, Disney had her as Deme and Hades daughter since incest and adultery is a no-no in the series.

I'll explain the rest when it's finished. You can find other members of the series here:

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DN belongs to Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba
Persephone's design belongs to Disney
Hatsu belongs to me.
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