Always Second Best Picture



`phew` this took the better part of two months x.x' partly because of procrastination, partly because of my oral recovering, partly from Draco Knights plotting and the last partly from job hunting (still nothing).

I meant what I said though, this literally killed me. Not so much in a physical sense (unless you want to think I'm submitting it from beyond the grave XD) but in an artistic sense. Except mabye for some writting, I won't be submitting much for a while (onto artistic recouperation)


Everytime I think of Cain and Abel, I think of the unfairness of the situation at hand. True, Cain murdered Abel in a fit of jealously, but I think I pointed out back in number 43 of the song challenge that I'd be pissed too if I were in Cain's shoes.

That being said, I look back on a thought I've had for years. There is a Cain and Abel in almost all the mythologies I hold interest in. Hades and Zeus, Seth and Osiris, and quite recently, but probably not as notable: Loki and Thor.

However, instead of going into lengthy detail over how (as most should be pretty well known by now XD) I'll state by saying that I dedicated this piece to those four lost boys, who got the short end of the stick and were always miserable because of it.

Granted, these guys are my interpretations of the characters and although some things get altered for creative interest, the core of their stories are still the same.

To any who may take offence, I apologize.


Hades: On the left. Behind him is his precious pomogrante tree. He is the "Abandoned" as while his siblings and their families get to trounce about the world of man as they choose: He was snuffed into a single world to rule, the underworld. Even his wife, Presphone is taken from him four six months so the seasons may proceed, but he is no less depressed about having to let her go.
I promise, there will be more on him later, because he may have a core sense of cruelity, he has a good reason why and a soft spot of sorts.

Seth: Now here's the one that everyone should know. XD Behind him is in fact, the Nile River. He is the "Forgotten", although not by those who matter (not that he's aware) since his older brother was the one who was deemed by Atum to be "The First Pharaoh", Seth was much over shoved into a corner and forgotten about by most of the gods.

Loki: On the far right and the most recent addition of this little group. Behind him is the Yggdrasil tree and the Midgar "Bridge" *I hate bridges ><'* He is the "Neglected", although he his loved by his father, Odin (and lusted, from what I've found out) he is shoved into a corner when it comes to the other gods having someone to blame and not even his family will defend him.
More on Lok later as well. I admit I still have some research to do and his story may change based on my findings but I like him too much to just abandon him.

Cain: Who has his back to us and is the only one with a different colour of hair. I have worked only a little on him, but he is the core symbol of the entire piece. I further, hope to work more on him soon.


In retrospect, anyone of them could've fit the other's titles too- but this is what I thought of at the time. The entire image is based on the title: Always Second Best; and although I didn't really go into descriptive detail (though I could have) I hope the description I did give explains everything better.

I promise more information on the other "Cains" (as Seth has gotten tons of love) later. . . . XD After all, I won't let them go unloved for long~


These interpretations and their altered stories belong to me
Original interpretations belong to who made them
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