The Nabbing of Persephone p. 5 Picture

The penultimate page in our epic re-imagining of the story of the seasons and how Persephone came to be Hades' wife.

Riiiiight, sooo...
The dialogue was hard to read, so I went over it with a brush... instead of just making a textbox [so it fit with the other pages].
Panel 1: Hades Sorry, but she ate some of our pomegranates. *shrug*
Panel 2: *angry Demeter in thought bubble*
Panel 3: Zeus Um... surely we can work something out...

Questions: Why is the background green? Where are they supposed to be? And why is their skin a slightly different tone from the other pages?
Answers: Because. Dunno. *shrug*
Oh, and Hades is paler because he lives underground. Dunno why Zeus randomly became tan, though.

Oh, I should explain - next up in the myth, Zeus confronts Hades, basically telling him that their sister, Demeter, is really upset that Hades basically kidnapped her daughter and forced her to marry him, and could he please return her? And Hades is all... basically what he says up there. So Zeus has to figure out what to do. Sure, he's king of the gods, but this is... magic law... Whatever shall he do?

In the future, I'm definitely going to scan the lineart before coloring it in Photoshop... working around Sharpies like this is difficult.

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I should warn you, the last page is nothing special. The art sort of deteriorated, and the punchline is... meh. *shrug*
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