As Atlas Picture

As Atlas

As Atlas, who once upheld the skies,
So we watch them flying by
Thousands of fires lit so high
But Like us they’ll one day die,

Hades don’t you welcome me?
Poseidon, great king of the sea,
Zeus rest upon his throne,
As the wraiths dance far below!

Erebus, open your gates wide
For I feel like I have died.
We fade in, we fade out,
Soon our hearts will be beat out

Sleep, do you offer us no rest?
Hypos and his brother death.
Thanatos, keeper of the dead,
Spare us our frail, fragile threads.

Lord Morpheus, lord Morpheus!
Prince of the dreamer’s sky.
Dare us to open up our frail dreaming eyes?
And see the light of forgotten dawns,
No longer to dance with the drunken fauns.
Woohoo!!!!! Guess what?!!! This poem is going to be published by Noble House !!!!
(Though it will not look like the above image)
It will be under my name, Athanasius Asylum (Ancient Greek- Immortal Refuge). In case you couldn't tell the poem is about mythology.
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