Romeo And Juliet Picture

This painting was my final Romeo and Juliet project for my english class. The original picture was taken from this one:


(Permission has been requested and given to use this art. I give full credit for the original lines to it's artist.)

In total, it took me 13.5 hours to make, and I sacrificed my whole sunday to make it.

This whole painting was made from different images of Romeo And Juliet.

1. Trident: In greek mythology, which Shakespeare often makes allusions to, the Trident was a symbol of Poseidon, but also a symbol of Hades, the god of death. The trident of this picture reflects the death/life theme.
2. The yellow and the gold on Juliet: Romeo made comparision between Juliet and The sun.
3. The blue on Romeo: Blue is the colour of a lot of things, but on this painting, it reflects Romeo's loyalty towards Juliet and his friends.

The are a lot of others.
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