Lillia my OC Picture

Name: Lillia Malfay.
Species: Troll.
Age: 7 Sweeps. (About 15 in Human Years.)
Derse or Prospit?: Prospit
Fetch Modus: Riddle. Dechiper the riddle to get the correct object.
Strife Specibus: Spearkind.
Weapon: Spear.
Game Entry Item: Greek Coin.
Sprite: Prototypes: Book on Greek Mythology, and a Sword.Post Entry to Game: A Man resembling Zeus,Final form:A man resembling a miz of Hades, Zeus, and Posiden, holding a sword.
Exile: (Undecided)
<nobr>Server</nobr> Player: (Undecided)
Client Player: (Undecided)
Title: Mage of Time.
Active or Passive?: Passive.
Medium: Land of Fears and Dreams.
Denizen: None.

Blood color: Beryl.
Symbol: Division sign with a circle around it.
Lusus: Cyclops.
Ancestor: The Oracle.
Hive: Located at the entrance of a forest, small hut with a bunch of books about Greek Mythology.
Horns: One normal one on the left, and a broken one on the right.
Trolltag: SilentCyclops
Quirk: Replaces i/I with ! and replaces a/A with A.
Matesprit: None.
Kismesis: None.
Moirail: None.
Auspistice: None.

Geberal Appearance.

Do they need to wear glasses or contacts?: No.
Weight: 110
Height: 5"2
Notable features: Broken horn.
Hair: Black, and in a pony tail, with hair falling over her left eye.
Disabilities/Health Concerns: Anxiety, Blindness in left eye.

Favorites and Least Favorites:

Color: Favorite: Jade. least Favorite: Yellow.
Music: Favorite: Folk. Least Favorite: Metal.
<nobr>Movie</nobr>: Favorite: Clash of the Titans. Least Favorite: Horror Movies in General.
Book: Favorite: The story or Persephone. Least Favorite: N/A
Food: Favorite: None. Least Favorite: None.
Clothing: Dark grey sweater that goes to knees, black leggings, grey <nobr>shoes</nobr>.
Prized possession(s): Greek Spear.
Alchemized item(s):
Other likes/dislikes: Dislikes, Crowds, Speaking In Public, meeting new people. Likes: Being alone, reading.


Biggest goal: To get through life.
Greatest fear: To Die.
Darkest secret: Blind in her left eye, which gave her super hearing. And she's also holding a grudge against the troll who did it to her.
Does anyone know?: No.
If yes, how did they find out?: Her eye had shown, and she had confessed about the hearing. Also Confesses about grudge.
Greatest strength: Silence.
Greatest weakness: Socializing.
Greatest accomplishment: None Yet.
Biggest regret: Not leaving Hive.
Are they more aggressive, assertive, or passive?: Passive.
Are they emotional or stoic?: Mostly Stoic.
Which do they trust more, their head or their heart?: Head.
Are they an introvert or extrovert?: Introvert.

Your Name is Lillia Malfay and you are a Female Troll who is 7 Sweeps old. Your blood color is Beryl and you are very shy and reserved and do not like to talk. You were not always like this. Why when you were a wriggler you use to play and have fun even with you blind eye, but that didn't cause it. When you were 3 sweeps old, you met a boy whom of which you do not remember the name of. He seemed very nice, till he left you behind and didn't help you when you were getting beat up, causing your horn to break. That day you came crying home to your lusus, who is a Cyclops, who said to never trust any one again. So to the present day, you are quiet and reserved not trusting anybody ever again. But let’s skip that story and forget the past. You are obsessed with Greek Mythology, it’s something about those gods that make you happy. Now that you started thinking about it, reading in general makes you happy. You don’t really show emotion, and you are usually alone, not liking to talk. When you type you replace i/I with a !, and you replace a with A. You usually wear a dark grey turtle neck with your symbol on it, and black tights and grey shoes. You always follow the rules and are a Prospit dreamer. Your fetch modus is Riddle, when you have to solve a riddle about the object to unlock it. Since you are so good at riddle solving, this was easy to you. Your strife specifies is Spear Kind, since you use the spears like the Trojans of course. Right now you have decided to go read Mythology and will be dreaming about it for an hour, so go off and read!

Bases Used:

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Sprite Base:…

Mage Sprite base: homestucking-girl.deviantart.c…

Mage Base: homestucking-girl.deviantart.c…

Talksprite Base:…

Homestuck Character Sheet:…


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