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I'm sure plenty of you always wondered how Dante's sword, Olympus, looked like, and how it's different forms were.
Well, wonder no more, for your questions have been answered! 8D
And yes, i drew inspiration from the greek mythology.

Stupid scanner kinda ruined the quality though. The grey parts of the sword look almost white!!! Dx

Anyways, on to the descriptions:

Olympus: The sword's first and basic form, before Dante's demon powers awakened. Compact and light, it's higly versatile, as it allows Dante to quickly maneuver it, with a perfect balance of speed and power.

Zeus: The sword's second form, unlocked when Dante's demon powers awakened. Much bigger than the first form, Zeus is also heavier, allowing Dante to deliver much powerful attacks, but dropping his speed by a bit. It also allows Dante to focus his electrical powers on the blade and fire compact waves of lightning.

Artemis: First secondary form unlocked, and the only one Dante unlocked without using a Demon Soul, Artemis is a powerful whip, with a trident-shaped tip, allowing him to snap, stab, curl, pull stuff to him, or instead, pull himself up to higher places. It's a very quick weapon, but not very powerful, being more of a "utility form".

Dionisyus: Taking the shape of a small, hand-held harp, this is a form that's very easily looked down upon. However, it is actualy a very powerful one. As Dante plays the hapr, he releases waves of lightning at will, and can even make the string release from the harp and attach his opponents, allowing him to electrocute his enemies directly.

Aphrodite: Being even more easy to look down upon than Dionosyus, Aphordite is not, indeed, a weapon. Instead, taking the form of a scarf that is to be put around the neck, this form allows Dante to create a force field around him capable of deflecting ANY attack, even absorbing the attack's energy to refuel the force field itself. That means that Dante can keep the field up indefenetely.

Poseidon: By far the hardest form to use, Poseidon is much like Olympus - It's compact size and balanced power and speed makes it a very versatile weapon. And much like Artemis, it can be shot to reach further away flaces. However, it has a big downside: It's recoil, or kick, is very big, making it hard, even for Dante, to not be thrown back a few meters when firing it. That's why he usualy uses this form only underwater, as the water allows him to cancel the kick enough for him to fight evenly.

Hades: With a saw-like blade, Hades has the perfect balance between speed, power and technique. Olympus' deadliest and strongest form, Dante rarely uses it, and when he does it's only as last resort. When the scythe is being swung, it cuts air so fast it whistles, and when it doesn't cut with one swing, the saw-like teeth dig into the enemy's flesh, delivering heavy and crippleing pain.

On ALL of these forms, the three red spheres act as both limiters and as focus points for Dante's power.

Olympus & different forms (c)
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