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Hestia is a vessel for the Greek (Roman also) Gods. Her mother had a fling with most of the male gods (if not all) and has given birth to 9 demi-gods, Hestia is the second eldest. The first is Eris, daughter of Ares (she's over-protective and mildly erm...hot-tempered .. cough).

Hestia's Family:
-Eris (17, name of a goddess of destruction. She has the powers of rage and hatred, she instigates fights frequently but is highly protective of her family)
-Hestia (15, vessel of the Gods, her father is unknown at the moment)
-Harold (14, son of Hermes, Flies around, is a bit annoying, but takes care of everyone- medic)
-Pearl (12, daughter of Poseidon, fins and gills, hates direct sun, fast swimmer, associates with Aqualad frequnetly once introduced)
-Calyn (10, son of Hades, controls people, fire, gets along well with dogs, almost heartless, is swayed by Hestia- they get along most. Hestia explains to him what it's like to be controlled, decreasing the frequency of the use of his powers)
-Diona (7, daughter of Dionysius, seems to be particularly fond of grape juice (wonder where she gets that from) Very active, diagnosed with ADHD and ADD, Hestia helps her with homework for a long time - as long as it takes.)
- Helena (5, Daughter of Hephaestus, likes to tinker, doesn't show much involvement with her powers just yet)
- Periphetes (2, father unknown, to young to show signs of power, twin of Helios)
-Helios (2, father unknown, to young to show signs of power, twin of Periphetes)

Eris isn't very involved with her family except that she doesn't want them hurt by anyone (though it's perfectly alright for her to hurt them, even thoguh she's 17, she's been emancipated and doesn't stop by very often. HEstia is more involved and along with Harold and Pearl, they take care of the younger kids, Calyn sometimes helps but he's usually asked to watcht he little kids while the others cook and/or clean. Their mother mainly spends her time either sleeping or working with two full time jobs and only 4 hours between each for sleep and food.

Hestia leaves home at 16 when she just can't handle the hosue anymore, but she comes back for about a day every week to help take care of the kids and to eat with ehr family. Eris visits her alone once every couple months but they keep in contact by e-mail and phone calls.

Once Hestia goes back to crime fighting, she begins being used by the gods more thoroughly and has a rough time handling it, she loses contact with her famiyl and doesn't reconcile the broken threads until her dad reveals himself and pushes thee entire family back together.

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