MDC sketch - Anteros and Hades Picture

Just a little something I was playing around with. I sort of feel like I have too many characters for this story, and that I'm trying to jam too many people in such a short space, but...I can't help it! All these people connected to each other through myth! It keeps giving me ideas!

The guy on the left there is Anteros, whose Eros' biological brother. He's the god of requited love, so he's pretty much a good god. His connection is that he was given to Eros to take care of because, well, Eros was lonely. In my mythos, Anteros views Eros more as a father than a brother because of this (I guess sort of like when younger siblings are raised by older siblings). As such, I'm making him out to sort of be like the older brother of Hedone, and he makes himself appear about twelve or thirteen.

I was actually going to make him look more like Ares than Aphrodite, but then I read that he's supposed to look exactly like Eros, except with long hair and butterfly wings. Well, he doesn't have the long hair, but I guess he can have blond hair.
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