Rahamund Deity of All Picture

I tried to make a least of all Deities and Gods, Because there are many and most in some religions have the same purpose... So here Is a List Of all the Gods, Deities, and Titans, Most names are taken from Greek Mythology or other mythology, Only one name is really my creation...

--------------The First Titans----------
Oranos-Father of all, sky titan
Gaia-Mother of all, Titan of the earth
-------------The titans-----------
Cronos-Titan leader, Ruler of time
Atlas-Titan, cursed to forever hold the world up, from the depths of Tartarus
Oceanus-Titan of the Oceans
Typhon-Titan of Monsters
Hyperion-Titan of the Sun
Theia-Titaness wife of Hyperion
Rhea-Wife of Cronos
Crius-Titan of Ice
Impetus-Titan of Fire
Prometheus-Gave Fire to Man, and knowledge, for his betrayal he was cursed to be chained to Mountain and have His insides eaten by a large bird, only to be resurrected everyday…
-----Gods and Deities------
Rahamund/Ra/Odin/ Amatersu/Osiris- Sun God, master of all other Deities
-Apollo/Helios/Sól- Son of the Sun god
-Ares/ Týr/ BISHAMON/Sekhmet-Deity of War
-Athena/ Mímir/Benten/Bast- Deity of Wisdom, grace, and Knowledge
-Artemis/ Mani-Deity of the Moon, of the hunt, and of wolfs
Hermes/Charon-Messenger Deity Ferries souls to the underworld and the Afterlife
Demeter/Gaia/Jörd- Deity of the earth, She never felt right about taking over Gaias place…
Discourse/Loki/chaos/Oni Set/ - Deity of chaos, Servant to Hades, he hides is true nature and lies to save his place in the heavens to spy on Rahamund
Thor/Zeus- Deity of the storms, wielder of Lighting…
Hera/ Freyr/Isis- Deity of fertility, and mother to the gods
Horus/Boris- Deity of the wind, the sky
Neptune/Poseidon/ Vé- Deity of the oceans, ruler of the seas
Hades/Satan/Lucifer/ Mesostopheles/ Anubis-rules over the underworld, hell, or Tartarus as it’s know, He vows to become ruler of the heavens and wages war on mankind to strike at his Brother Rahamund…
Morpheus/the sand man- Deity of dreams, lord of the shadow realm
Hephaestus-Deity of metallurgy
Aphrodite- Deity of Love
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