:Deimos, God of Dread: Picture

Deimos is my god character. His past and personality are loosely based off of the Greek God he is named after.

Deimos was born along with his twin sister Phobos to their father Ares and mother Aphrodite in the Realm of the Gods. Upon his birth, his father claimed him to be a champion and the future God of Terror and Dread. This is how he got his name, Δεῖμος meaning Dread in Greek. His choice weapon was a sword he forged himself, and with it he followed his father into many wars.

But after a few hundred years, something went wrong. Deimos had grown more powerful than his father and was breaking the laws of his world. He was no longer just a fighter; he was learning the dark arts from Hades, a crime which was punishable by death from Zeus himself.

Rather than risk her sons life, Aphrodite sent him to earth out of the kindness of her heart, where he now resides and wanders endlessly. He is searching for a way to get back to his realm and take his ‘rightful place’ as the god of death.

The colors on his outfit stand for different things. And yes, although he is Greek he is wearing a kimono. Bite me.
The purple represents Royalty and Mystery. Black represents death, of course. And the dark red sash represents his anger and willpower.
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