Weak Minds Typography Cover Picture

I have several cover ideas, but this one was the easiest to actually put onto paper. There are some more that I've been (poorly) sketching.
I really wanted to put in Loki's ring on a chain hanging from one of the letters and maybe the magic orb, resting on top of "men" but it got difficult to find something exactly right.
My original idea was also that the word "weak" would be, like, made out of paper and the M was on fire, the paper curling up and turning brown. But...... yeah. no.

So here's an attempt.
The Weak Minds of Grand Men, my NaNoWriMo novel 2013

Background picture: wallike.com/dark-forest-wallpa…
Fonts used: BoBsFrAnTiC
Dark Horse expanded
Cheap Fire
I don't remember what I used for "minds" or "grand" :I
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