Hades Picture

He's about sixteen-seventeen years old and he lives as a mortal on a steampunk ship, Mt.Olympus. He doesn't come out of his room much because:
a) He hates almost everyone on the ship.
b) Almost everybody on the ship hates him.
c) He's albino, so the sun could give him huge, painful, sunburns.
d) He sees dead people. And occasionally swats at, and/or talks to. He doesn't want people making fun of him for that, especially his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon.
His hair-clips were a present from Persephone, who may or may not have died, and his only friend is Hermes, who's pretty much a stow-away. He gets along okay with Hephaestus though. though.

A new story I'm working on. I am taking creative license to hades's face. Yaaaaaay.....talking to myself again?
Hades is such a tragic hero, even in the actual mythology.
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