When Two Worlds Become One Picture

Here's picture of my OC's from my alternate series, Saint Mythology: Emptiness. The two Boys are, Erebos Allen and Aldebaran Allon ( Aldebaran isnt his first name, but his star), the two girls are Nyx, and Cassiopeia Eri.

Allen is Eri's older brother, who was killed by Wyvern Rhadamanthys, and later ressurrected with Erebos's Pendant. Allon is a young boy, who later becomes close friends with Eri, he shares a striking resemblence to Allen. The only difference is that he's younger and he's Italian. Eri, is the first platinum saint of Cassiopeia and disciple of Libra Dohko. She's later revealed as Nyx's incarnation and the Chosen of Nike. Nyx is the Goddess of Darkness and the Night. She was sealed by Zeus into Hades' Castle and needs Eri's power and soul to escape and spread darkness around the Earth, making it Eternal Night.

Erebos Allen (c)
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