Great Greek Gods Picture

Yes. This is what happens when they impose a unit of Greek Mythology on you during english. I got so bored that I decided to lamely chibify the gods.

Allow me to explain this, and pardon my spelling. It seems I didn't pick up any of the god's names during said unit.

The dude in the middle is Zues, with his arm around Hera's shoulder. You can tell she doesn't particularly like this gesture.

The dude to the left of Zues is his brother, Poseidon, and he's kinda... embarrased with him x)

uhm. Then to his left is Aphrodite, with little Cupid in her arms. She's just Aphrodite.

And then to her left is Apollo. Thinking of his music, as usual.

To Hera's right is Athena, embarassed by her father, of course.

And then everyone loves Hades. And he hates everyone else <3
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