3 Brothers Picture

Hades (Green) Poseidon (Blue) and Zeus (Red)
xD; Was talking about them to *DxWL013
Yup~ I drew those 3 'brothers' in my style~
But they're not actually related to avoid incest later one xDD

Ok so;
Basically I am twisting around Greek Mythology mwhahahhaha >8D *insert evil laugh*

Firstly, Hades will be the youngest not the oldest....because look at him ;w; He would be a better younger brother~

So I made Poseidon the oldest then Zeus and then Hades
In original myth Zeus is the youngest and once he grows he frees his siblings from their father who had ate them fearing a prophecy
Also, after Zeus had saved others from their father they gave him the power of Thunderbolts and Poseidon the Trident buuuuuuuuut they gave Hades a Helmet which I have changed to a cloak/cape aaaaaas...well no offense to him but the helmet looks like a block :I

Why did I change round a few things? and why a I noticing they remind me of Baldur, Thor and Loki /shot to Hel and Back
Becaaaaaause I would like to draw more of these 3 BUT as a sorta AU where they live their childhood instead of being eaten xDDD;
So yes~ 3 brothers~
Zeus dresses like a warrior, Poseidon loves Jewelry and Hades wears 'commoner' wear with a few armour unlike Zeus who thinks 'the more the merrier' Poseidon couldn't care much about looking tough but do not let your eyes be fooled Poseidon can rage when he wants to ._. ....He like the Hulk xD
More to come when I want to~
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