Hermes Freedom Picture

Well.. An quick historial xD

Messenger God

Mercury to Rome, associate with peace and prosperity.

Hermes to Greek.

Son of Zeus and Maia.
Described as a young man with a wide-brimmed hat and winged sandals, carrying a herald's staff crowned with two snakes wich assured his safe passage between the Line of the life and the dead.
For the Greek believed that he guided the dead to the realm of Hades, The Underworld.
Most of the time he was sent to steal something that was otherwise unobtainable.
He enjoyed playing tricks and games, also had a big crush for the goddess Aphrodite.
The result of this love was a attributed two sons with a unsual sexuality - Hermaphroditos - the first female boy.

Information from : " The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Mythology" by Arthur Cotterell & Rachel Storm

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