Hermes and Apollo Picture

Apollo looks like France from Hetalia. he's not supposed to, he just does. I wanted to make him look artistic. So what does that say about France...? *defeat* Actually, he's based off the book of Greek Myths I have which has a total of two pictures of him. And they're not good pictures.
Hermes hasn't shown up yet, but he spens a fair amount of time in the nderworld. He's the guy who brings souls down, and he's widely associated with Hecate. So, he has an entire chapter dedicated to making Hades hate him. good times. And that is his real hat, by the way.
These two are half-brothers. They're Zeus's sons. So Hades is their Uncle. And they don't get along. Hermes stole Apollo's sacred cows when he was a baby (talented kid.) and made some of them into that istrument Apollo is holdiing, the lyre. They supposedly made up, but I highly doubt that Apollo is really fond of Hermes.
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