Medusa's Head Picture

Medusa the Gorgon.
Medusa, along with her sisters, Stheno and Euryale, were the daughters of the sea Titans Porcys and Ceto. Medusa was the youngest and most beautiful (she was also the only mortal one of the three).Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who was sent to fetch her head by King Polydectes of Seriphus as a gift. With help from Athena and Hermes, who supplied him with winged sandals, Hades' cap of invisibility, a sword, and a mirrored shield, he accomplished his quest. The hero slew Medusa by looking at her harmless reflection in the mirror instead of directly at her to prevent being turned into stone.Then he gave the Gorgon's head to Athena, who placed it on her shield, the Aegis.

So this is my interpretation of Medusa.I actually had a lot of fun drawing her with all the snakes around her head xD.And I hope it turned out ok xD
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