The Nabbing of Persephone p. 4 Picture

Hooray! I finished this page like a week ago.
Please forgive the overly simple background and PLEASE IGNORE the chairs in the last panel. I've NEVER been good at drawing furniture. I couldn't even draw a no-legged stool.

Ah, right, the dialogue, as you may find it hard to read:
Panel 1: Fret not, dear sister...
Panel 2: For we may still recover Persephone!
Panel 3: But only if she has not eaten any food of the dead!
Panel 4: *sound effects - nom nom nom*

Pretty self-explanatory. The last panel is in the underworld, that's why it's so dark. And Persephone's nomming on some very undetailed pomegranates, while Hades is reading the newspaper...
Of course he has reading glasses! That's totally canon.

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