Despina, Winter's Goddess Picture

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I present Despina (Despoina in English), Winter's Goddess (also called "miss", "damsel" or "queen") was the daughter of Demeter and Poseidon.

"[...] In the myth, Demeter Was searching for her lost daughter Persephone When Poseidon saw her and Desired. To Avoid him, she took the form of a mare, But he took the form of a stallion and forced his attentions on her. From this union was born on Despina, the Was the fabulous horse Arion.

Due to her anger at this turn of events, Demeter took on the epithet Erinys, or raging.

In Other forms of the myth the daughter's name Was not Mentioned, and Was to Be Revealed only to initiates.

Despoina Was Also Used to be an epithet Several goddesses, Especially Aphrodite, Persephone, Demeter and Hecate [...]"

Design: handmade.
Edition: PhotoFiltre and Photo-Paint 12.

Time: + / -1:00 (handmade), 40 min (Edition).

By Mandy (c)
Greek Mythology.
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