The Founders Picture

"Have you ever considered" Zeus says looking at his two brothers "throughout the long history of our kind whenever we war amongst each other it is the world that pays. This time it was only Atlantis that sank but think of what we could have done if it had not."

"Now isn't the time to think of that brother" Poseidon looks out over the land "Now is the time we decide what to do with humanity. Do we serve them or do they serve us?"

"Only you would think of such a question Poseidon" Hades interrupts "Do what you will brother Zeus and we will follow."

Zeus smiles at his brothers and the trio steps down from the precipice and looks over the crowd of.

Zeus clears his throat "Atlantis is gone. The Houses are gone, now and forever more we are of Olympus, one house, one people!"

The crowd chants back "One house, one people!"

Cheers are heard and Poseidon looks at his brother and an anger comes over him for the briefest of seconds only to be quickly replaced with a smile.

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