Titanomachy Picture

People have requested Tanaka, so I thought I'd draw him. :3

This is Tanaka (HADES) and Death (Thanatos) during the Titan War.
If yu don't know much about Greek Mythology, The Titan war is when Hades is 'rewarded' the Realm of the Dead, Poseidon is granted Reign over the Seas, and Zeus is granted rule over the Heavens.
It goes differently in Illusion Realm. As you can tell, Tanaka is prety frightened during these times. D;

Death is Tanaka's right hand man, and also his best/only friend. XD The guy is pretty psychotic, so it's kind of an odd match.
I just thought I'd depict both members for they played a large part in the war.(In my story)
Also! Yup, they're supposed to look young. Like 11-12.

Characters and Art belong to me! Comments are loved
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