Hekate Picture

All this talk about witches made me realise that I so far hadn't come up with a design for Hekate, the witch-goddess herself. So I made a quick drawing of her that actually ended up pretty good (though I later might change her face a little). As you can see, I've drawn her in Minoan/Mycenaean style (I just adore thoses little hats the women sometimes are depicted with).

Hekate was the goddess of witchcraft, ghosts and crossroads, the only child to the titanes Perses and Asteria. Asteria was the sister of Leto, so Hekate was actually a cousin to Artemis and Apollon, but she's depicted as far older than they. According to Hesiod she turnes up at the side of the Olympians during the Titan War and he further tells that Zeus didn't take away any of her privileges when he became the new ruler. Rather he honoured her by extending them even more.

Hekate also seemed to have a special relation to Persephone. In the Homeric Hymn to Demeter she helps Demeter in the search for her daughter and it is said that she later became the minister and companion of Persephone in the Underworld. Sounds like she's a good friend to Persephone or at least a trusted servant.

I'm not sure what function she's going to have in my version of the Underworld, but I imagine that she is the closest thing to a physician that they have down there. It's probably from her that Hades gets all his headache pills and sleeping pills.
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