AGAFG 5 Picture

Damn, I'm so TERRIBLY PLEASED with this page! Those sceneries from the Underworld were really fun to draw! I think I managed to get a good mix of creepyness and peacefulness.

The trickiest thing on this page was actually to draw Minos and Rhadamanthys. How old should they look, for instance? I have always imagined them as pretty old, but it would seem a bit weird if they looked older than Hades, since they're actually his nephews. And how dead should they be? According to the myths, they lived human lives and became judges of the dead after their death.

I decided to depict them as revived and not as spirits, the black eyes the only thing betraying their unnatural state. Zeus gave them to Hades, since (in my version) the whole system of judgement, rewards and punishments after death was his idea. Hades doesn't like that system one bit and so he doesn't quite like Minos and Rhadamanthys either, for what they represent.

And Hermes enters the story! WHEEE! It's his first time in the Underworld.
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