Hermes Picture

Hermes, the son of Zeus and the galaxy of Maya, the god of trade, profit, intelligence, dexterity, trickery, deception, theft and eloquence, giving the wealth and income in the trade, the god of athletes. The patron of the heralds, ambassadors, shepherds and travelers; the patron of magic and astrology. The messenger of the gods and guide the souls of the dead in the underworld of Hades. Invented measures, numbers, the alphabet and taught the people.

Attributes Of Hermes
The traditional winged rod messenger - керикион or kadutsey, capable to reconcile enemies. Kadutsey had to imagine two snakes (in the other variant - two tapes), which bound the staff in the moment when We decided to test it by placing between the two fighting snakes. Hermes used his staff to put to sleep or wake up the people - in order to convey the message from the gods to some of the mortals, and most often this is done in the dream.
Other attributes of the Hermes winged helmet петас and winged sandals таларии.

In general, as it turned out, Hermes very many-sided personality

Model - my son
All sources to create an image of Hermes my own [link]
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