Fox Fighters: Hades Picture

So far, there are two realms of thingies. Sky Raiders, with birds, and now Fox Fighters, obviously with foxes.
This is Hades, the evil one. He is a Fennec Fox. He has teamed up with Persephone, which in Greek mythology is Hades's wife and the Queen of the Underworld. Persephone is a Red Fox. Though she is very beautiful, she is SUPER deadly.
More characters to make and draw:
Persephone, Hermes, Zeus, Poseidon, Blaze (not a god), Shita (not a god), and more. There aren't only foxes in this, there will also be more things to see.
I'm thinking of maybe teaming up the Sky Raiders and the Fox Fighters. I need to start drawing more of both anyways.
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