Olympian Plushies -- Outline Picture

Yes, I know that a) they're drawings of plushies, and b) the bottom row of characters are NOT Olympian gods in the ancient Greek pantheon, though Hestia was before Dionysus took her place. I had to throw them in somewhere though, as they're still quite important. And yes, I KNOW that watermark isn't going to stop anyone from clipping out some of them. I don't know WHY anyone would want to in the first place though.

This is more of a shopping list and guide to something else I want to eventually finish -- and I think it's quite clear what that project is, and if you take it for yourself, I will have to hunt you down and smack you with a thyrus until you spew honey -- but it worked nicely as a drawing on its own, so here it is. The base was drawn using the Pen tool in Photoshop CS, then duplicated multiple times. The eyes were then dotted on, and each god or goddes had its hair, costume, teutonic symbol (for some), etc. drawn on using a mouse, because I still don't have a tablet.

I first got into Greek mythology at the age of nine through reading Aliki's 'The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus'. As such, how I imagine the gods have been heavily influenced by her illustrations. Just giving credit where credit is due.

I think it's quite obvious which god or goddess or which, but here's a guide anyway, from top to bottom (there's a big of logic to the organization -- brownie points to you if you see the connections):

FIRST ROW -- Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and Demeter.
SECOND ROW -- Athena, Artemis, Apollo, and Hermes.
THIRD ROW -- Dionysus, Hephaestus, Aphrosite, and Ares.
FOURTH ROW -- Hestia, Hades, Persephone, and Eros.
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