Kore-Goddess of young grain Picture

For entry in *dAPagan God/Goddess Contest

Kore alias Persephone

In the Greek mythology Demeter daughter and Zeus - Goddess of the sprouting grain. Kidnapped through Hades, became his wife and all at the same time, Queen of underground world dead. Kore attributes are spikes, poppies, narcissists and an apple of the pomegranate. Persefona in basements she spent only a winter. It evoked Demeter sadness which for this reason sent coolness to world. In spring, when Persephone returned to the mother, world became covered with flowers, and she alone became Kore back. In autumn Demeter started feeling sadness knowing about the future separation with the daughter what dying of the entire nature caused. In this way ancient Greeks clarified the sequence of seasons for themselves
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Different chamomiles from my own collection
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