AG: Lineup Picture

Zeus & Hera - The Power house couple. They are cold and a bit distant in their relationship, focusing more on their careers. Zeus is a bit stocky, but the shortest of his brothers. Hera the tallest of the sisters, 5’ 8”. (Hestia is the Shortest at 5’ 2” and then Demeter 5’ 4” ((the same as Persephone)) )

Hades & Persephone - The Mismatched Couple. These two fought for their love. Persephone needs an escape from her mother’s frilly bows and finds it in her Grungy Boyfriend. Hades is the thinnest (less muscly?) of his brothers, but in between their height, at about 6’ 1” Persephone is the same height as her mother, 5’ 4”

Poseidon & Amphitrite - The Outdoorsy Couple. These two enjoy having fun, but don’t like labeling their love. These two will forever be seen outside at the beach just enjoying each others company and the moments that come by. Poseidon is the tallest of the 3 standing at about 6’ 4” and Amphitrite is an average build standing at 5’ 6”

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