Married to you Picture

Some of you have seen my pic 'Returning Persephone' and a couple of you guys out there requested for me to draw more Hades/Persephone. For those who don't know, in Greek Mythology Hades married his own niece Persephone, but if you want to get in more depth of it, Zeus, Persephone's father and brother to Hades, actually gave Hades permission to marry his daughter, so, without Persephone even knowing, Hades kidnaps her out of the blue. Some stories say he raped her, and they were married, yeah it's a weird story.
This is just a sketch, I don't know if I'll color it or not, but if you guys want to, be my guest. Oh yeah, on Persephone I didn't draw in her flower petal tiara, to tell you the truth, I thought that thing looked ridiculous on her, and I really can't picture Hades with her and that big flower tiara, so I just drawn her as simple as I could draw her. Hope you guys like the sketch!
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