Mythology Project: Artemis Picture

Artemis of the Hunt, Greek Goddess of Hunting, the Wilderness, Fertility, Wild Animals, Young Girls and Femininity.
The Stag and the Cypress tree were sacred to her.
She was often depicted with a bow and quiver, and she was often associated with the Moon.

For a school project I am redesigning eight of the Greek Gods from mythology in a contemporary fashion, using digital painting as my medium to continue on this vein.

With modern day feminism I thought it important to emphasise her strength and her capability, so instead of the short chiton she is supposed to have worn in ancient times, I have depicted her instead in shorts, and given her a solid build. Her two symbols, the stag and the cypress hang from her neck as ornaments rather than physical beings. As in modern times we are wont to adorn ourselves with smaller items representative of things important to us. Such as carrying photos of loved ones, wearing a significant necklace or even tattoos.
To represent her relation to childbirth, I have given her wide hips, and to emphasise the concept that women are beautiful (that is still present in this day and age) I have given her soft features and flowing hair.
The hunting rifle thrown across her back is representative of the bow and quiver she holds in ancient depictions.

I had a lot of fun with this, like, a lot of fun. She's one of my favourite Goddesses, and thus I felt the biased need to make her ginger.
After Artemis I will be doing Zeus, Dionysus, Athena, Aphrodite, Ares, Hades and Apollo. Not necessarily in that order.

My process for this can be seen here: [link]

Other Gods done:

About six hours in PaintTool SAI.

Art and Character design (c) me

Texture used can be found here: [link]

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