Zeus, Poseidon, Hades Picture

So this is something I normally wouldn't draw...
It was actually for a magazine cover contest for our school's art magazine back in February. The theme this year was "Greek gods", and you had to put these three somewhere in your design. There were several amazing entries that everybody worked SUPER hard on (including me!), but then... nobody ever heard back about their design.

Then the magazine came out.
With a really quickly / sloppily done black and white cover with some clip art butterflies and a pillar column thing.

Anybody else frustrated? =sigh=

Apparently the club that produces the magazine had a huge uproar, and they were short of hands, and they ran out of time and had to come up with something else for who knows what reason. o_o'

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the picture. :3 I figured it should be doing a little more than just sitting in my files all awkwardly.

Yay for Hades staring at a pomegranate!
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