Bride for Hades Picture

In the Greek mythology stories, a lot of you guys have read the story about Persephone being abducted by Hades, well to start it off, it was actually Zeus, Persephone's father who gave permission to his brother Hades to have his daughter for a bride. So I made this comic that makes fun of that concept. Now I know that Hades and Persephone stayed married to eachother, but of course the Disney Hades is very different from the original myth Hades, so don't let the ending throw you off, it is just a joke. I also did this because some of you guys saw a pic I did of Hades/Persephone and some of you guys out there requested me to do more of them. I changed Persephone's look a little bit, here I gave her bangs, I am not satisfied with her look, so I am experimenting to find the right look for her but still kind of the look the way she did in the film Hercules (yes she was in there, she was background character) Hope you guys like the comic!
Oh yeah, I read that Persephone had many names, her original name was Kore, but when she became Hades' wife and goddess of the Underworld, her name was changed to Persephone, just in case you guys were wondering!
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