Design sheet - Sailoreridanos Picture

Name: Nenokuni Kasui
Meaning: Underworld river waters
Gender: female
Age: 16
Birthday: October 16, 1979
Birth sign: Libra
Blood Type: B-
Appearance: Kasui’s hair color is naturally a dusty pink color, but she likes to experiment, dying it different colors. She insists on only using the kinds of dyes that will wash out, though. Her eyes are burnt umber in color. She’s 5’9’’ tall and weighs 140 lbs. She has a dimple in her right cheek when she smiles. Her body shape is fairly slender if not overly curvaceous.
Clothing style: While not being one for things that would be considered fashionable to the rest of the world, Kasui does have her own sense of style. Whenever she wears a shirt with a collar (like a dress shirt or blouse), chances are, she’s wearing a tie to go with it. She loves ties and toe socks and has a large collection of both. She’s also fond of suspenders.
Personality: She dislikes conflict and goes out of her way to solve arguments. She’s fairly easy going and sociable but can be really indecisive, especially when it comes to tough decisions. She has been known to be a bit of a flirt, but she really only flirts with people she knows. She has a passionate dislike of coarseness and vulgarity and has a marked tendency to hit people who use swear words around her.
Education: She attends Juuban High in the 10th grade, class C.

Talents: playing the trumpet
Fears: amnesia
Dislikes: gardening, karaoke, country and western music, hip hop music and dancing
Likes/Hobbies: jazz music, tie shopping, second hand stores (books, games, clothing, etc)
Favorite Food: blackberries and red grapes
Least Favorite Food: ramen
Favorite School Subject: calligraphy
Least Favorite Subject: anything with too many dates to remember
Favorite Gemstone: amber
Favorite Color: light purple
Favorite Mythological Animal: Cerberus
Favorite Animal: dolphin
Favorite Flower: thistle
Least Favorite Flower: Snap dragon
Strengths: Kusui has perfect pitch. She considers it a strength even though it can also be a weakness since things that are off key can be painful for her to hear.
Weaknesses: Food (because, aside from disliking ramen, she’ll eat nearly anything so long as it’s, you know, edible). She is a huge fan of the Three Lights (she considers this a weakness as she’ll do almost anything to get her hands on tickets or other related merchandise; needless to say, she has quite the collection). She’s very bad at making difficult decisions.
Family: unknown
History: unknown

Senshi Name: Sailoreridanos
Senshi Title: Soldier of the Underworld
Introduction Speech: “I am the senshi of the rivers of the underworld, Sailoreridanos. Please have your payment ready for the ferryman, for you shall soon be meeting him.”
Astral body: Eridanos (the moon of the planet Phateon)
Symbol: A circle with a five pointed star at its center. The star is split into two halves by a twisting, river-like line
Aura Color: amber
Colors: amber, umber, and thistle
Type of Character In Battle: Defensive
Weapons: Acheron (a large pole weapon with a double blade at the top. One side of the blade is shaped like an axe blade with a slight curvy part at the top. The other side of the blade looks a little bit like the blade of a scythe, but bent too far downward to be considered as such. The axe shaped part of the blade has an engraved circle on it right near the pole; in it is a twisted line that looks like a meandering river.
Fuku Design: As Eridanos, her hair always reverts to its natural pinkish coloring. Eridanos wears a Sol fuku. Her tiara is golden and set with an amber colored stone. Her skirt, scarf, and choker are amber colored. Her front bow is thistle colored while her back bow is bisque colored. She also wears a white bodysuit and white gloves that go up to her elbows. The gloves have three amber bands at the top. The body suit has three rolls that form the sleeves. There is a puffy belt at her waist that drops down in the middle, separating her skirt from the bodice. Her bow broach is round in shape and bisque in color.
On her feet, she wears thistle colored heeled shoes that leave her heels bare, cover her toes and most of the front of her feet. There’s a section just before her toes that is uncovered.
Senshi Personality: She gets a little bit colder as a senshi and shows little to no sense of humor. She takes her job, that of protecting her princess, very seriously and will focus on that to the exclusion of all else. The world around her could be falling apart and she’ll ignore everything to save her princess. When the princess isn’t around, it’s nearly impossible to get her to do anything, as only a member of the royal house of Phaeton can give her orders.

Henshin Phrase: Eridanos Deathly Power, Make Up!
Henshin Item: Star Lip Rod
Henshin Sequence:
Origin of Power/Influence: underworld with powers coming from rivers
Elemental strengths: death, soul, earth
Elemental weaknesses: fire, life, holy

Name of Power: Eridanos Soul Woe
Power Type: Defensive
Description: This power fills her target with a deep sense of sorrow and depression. They become so sad that they stop whatever they were doing and just sit down, completely wrapped up in how sad they are.

Name of Power: Death’s Lamentation
Power Type: Defensive
Description: This is a more powerful version of her first power. They can become suicidal under the influence of this power, thinking that life is futile. They will stop defending themselves against all attacks.

Name of Power: Blood Fire
Power Type: Defensive
Description: With this power, she can heat a person’s blood, making them feel feverish. The heat will slowly drive them crazy. Many will go to extreme measures to get rid of the burning in their veins. With enough power behind it, she could likely kill someone with this attack, though she’s never actually done so.

Name of Power: River of Forgetfulness
Power Type: Defensive
Description: Simply put, this power makes people forget something. The problem is that Eridanos has to consciously think about what it is she wants her target to forget while she’s performing it.

Name of Power: River of Hate
Power Type: Defensive
Description: Possibly her most dangerous power, she can turn allies against themselves. The power plays on a persons own innate insecurities and fears, amplifying them to dangerous levels. It incites violence in even the most mild mannered people. It will only last for nine minutes, symbolic of the River Styx, which is said to encircle Hades nine times.
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