Children Of Evil-Lineart Picture

My crazy mind has created a crossover between "The Kane Chronicles" and "Percy Jackson and the Olympians." Since I do not like making things simple I have also added the Irish Gods and Norse Mythology.
But let the presentations (from the first central clockwise):

Lucrezia Germani : She is a seventeen year old really linked to his brother Tommaso. She changes her attitude very easily: first she's too serious, after uncontrollably is childish. She can be sweet and unbearable at the same time. She is of Irish blood and egyptian blood. She has a hooded crow named Cailte(Kilty) and her weapon is the spear of Lúg.

Basel Al Shareni : This shy fourteen year old is a son of Hades and a scribe of the House of Life. He does not speak often and has the fringe emo colored black and red. When he meets Alix you do not understand, but the momentum of the girl will be a species as a magnet to him. He is always accompanied by a gecko named Nephthys and his weapon is a curved sword forged in the river Phlegethon of hell.

Alix Ardenne : Moody is not an insult when it comes to her: she is fifteen years old and she is the daughter of Khonsu. Maybe that's why the magicians of the House can not stand her, or why she took up the defense of a half-breed. Her mother was an Egyptian sorceress and she lived with her quiet in Turin until Annabeth (yes, Annabeth) tried to kill her. You can stop the time if she touches a statue of Khonsu. She has a snowy owl named Felix as a friend and her weapon is a curved stick of the House of Life.

Andrew Bryhn : Strange things happen in his presence. The age of eighteen his father shows up and is nothing less than Loki, the Norse god of chaos. Andrew is haunted by the voices of Apophis and Cronus that they would like from their part in the conquest and destruction of the world. His mother is of druid and that makes him a great ally and a good doctor. is always accompanied by a rattlesnake named Line and his weapon is a bow forged by the Giants Of Fire.

Tommaso Germani : He is a cheerful child of seven short-sighted. He is the brother of Lucreza, has Egyptian blood, but is also the son of the goddess Badb, one of the three goddesses of war Morrígana. Although he is defined as "the bearer of bad luck and discord" is almost always smiling and takes everything positively. He makes friends with Andrew especially if his sister does not approve. He has a crow named Aíbell (Evil) as a friend and his weapon is the sword of Núada.

These are small descriptions of the characters that will be organized on as the story progresses. How will the war between the Greeks and the Egyptians?

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